QEOS Commercial Display

Perfect for any environment

Designed to be easy to install, the QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD display is ideal for applications that require larger screen sizes. With the QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD panel, integrated thermal sensors and cooling systems, the QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD Display can handle extended use in locations such as education, retail, restaurants, training facilities and corporate boardrooms.

With QEOS 4K Display, there would be greater inducement for learning as colours on QEOS 4K Display are more vivid compared to projectors which emits really dull colours even in a darkened environment.
QEOS 4K Display makes lessons more memorable as it help students digest information in new ways and improve their retention levels.

Control room
Visualizing big data, engaging with multiple video sources, and PC applications is putting more demand on display technology in the workplace. QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD Commercial Displays bring that data to life so that real-time decisions can be made in mission critical environments. High resolution 4K Displays make it possible.

With the QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD Commercial Display, guests are able to watch their favorite sports while feeling as though they are there, enjoy the stunning images come to life in vivid details and relive pictures of scene taken from their camera.

Concept pillar design
With QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD Commercial Display, various advertisements can be displayed in 4K resolution allowing people to view the products in as though they are viewing the product in person. QEOS ANGEL 4K UHD Display allows customization for the bezel colour and bezel motif design to complement any environment.

4K UHD Video Wall Customization
Visualizing big data to be conveyed to people in high resolution is now made possible with QEOS 4K Video Wall Customization.

Large LED Wall Display Signage
Digital signage is increasingly becoming popular due to the advantages it holds, not only as an advertising tool, but also as an effective communication tool. This form of advertising media is effective in getting the message to your target group in a way that traditional static posters cannot. As you walk on the streets, you will notice the use of Digital Signage in retail stores, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions and may other areas.